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Anger And Fury

The serpent was craftier than any beast of the field that Hashem God had made.(Genesis 3:1.)

On this verse, the Zohar, with the commentary of Rabbi Ashlag, says

Rabbi Yitzchak said: The Serpent is the evil inclination, which incites one to sin. Rabbi Yehuda said, It is a real Serpent. They approached Rabbi Shimon, who said: Both interpretations are correct. It was Samael and he was seen riding on the Serpent. The image of the Serpent is Satan, namely the evil inclination that incites humans to sin and then ascends to demand punishment above. They are both the same. You can say that the serpent is the evil inclination and is a real serpent.

As it says in the Zohar of Parashah Vaera, the angel associated with death and destruction is Satan.

When Judgment hangs over the world, and the Holy One, blessed be He, sits upon the Throne of Judgment, then the Satan, who accuses above and below, comes to destroy the world and snatch away the souls of human beings, because the Satan is also the angel of death as is already known.

We conclude that the angel associated with death and destruction is Satan, שטן. And the animal associated with Satan is the snake, נחש. It is interesting that both are found in the Auschwitz Hitler table. In addition, the ELS for the key word Hitler has a prefix extension: the initial א, standing for Hitler's first name Adolf.

Auschwitz Hitler
Another development of the Auschwitz table.
Finding by Rabbi Glazerson