KMPH Special Report: Bible Codes 2012

“Christians and Jews share the first five books of the Bible. Jews call that the Torah, the sacred scrolls revered in every synagogue in the world. They believe they contain the words of God given directly to Moses roughly 33-hundred years ago. But now a group of researchers says hidden within those words may be messages for us about this year — 2012.” KMPH Special Report: Bible Codes 2012

Torah Code Watchers 3 & 4

Torah Code Segments cut together from Watchers 3 and 4. These segments included interviews with: Professor Robert Haralick Professor Elijahu Rips Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson Dan Gordon   View the video

The Codes are True


The Codes are True in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

The Israel Omen by David Brennan


  About the Books “Something very strange has been taking place in the world. It has gone largely unnoticed because the events in question have been separated, in some cases, by years. It began in 1991 and continues to this day. Since 1991, the timing of a number of catastrophic events closely mirrors the timing of actions taken that would be considered negative against the “Promised Land” of Israel. These events are well documented. Since 1991, there have been thirteen documented catastrophes that have occurred with timing that has coincided … Continue reading

Eliyahu Rips: The Burning


This is creative documentary produced (in pre-production) by Film Angels Studio. Director: Janis Putnins Script writer: Pauls Bankovskis Cameraman: Andrejs Rudzats Producers: Elina Rode, Kaspars Rolstein Read more on Eliyahu Rips: The Burning

The great Importance of Bible Codes


The great Importance of Bible Codes in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson