Earthquake In Nepal


‘Earthquake In Nepal’ in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

Asteroid In 24 September 5776


‘Asteroid In 24 September 5776′ in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

The Storm In United States 5775


An emergency has been declared in several US states as a storm bringing hurricane-force winds and 90cm (36ins) of snow barrels down on the north-east. Boston, New York and Philadelphia began shutting down Monday evening as the flurries began, with the worst ahead. Non-emergency vehicles have been banned on New York City’s 6,000 miles of roads after 23:00 local time. “Recognise this as an emergency, this is not business as usual,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts have declared states of emergency … Continue reading

The Storm Hercules in the States


‘The Storm Hercules in the States’ in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

The Disaster in the Philippines


‘The Disaster in the Philippines’ in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

Cyclone in India in 5774


Cyclone Phailin: Mass evacuations in eastern India As many as 500,000 people in India have been evacuated as a massive cyclone sweeps through the Bay of Bengal towards the east coast. Cyclone Phailin, categorised as “very severe” by weather forecasters, is expected to hit Orissa and Andhra Pradesh states on Saturday evening. The Meteorological Department has predicted the storm will bring winds of up to 220km/h (136mph). A super-cyclone in 1999 killed more than 10,000 people in Orissa. But officials say this time they are better prepared, the BBC’s Sanjoy … Continue reading

Tornado in Oklahoma


Oklahoma tornado: Dozens killed in Moore At least 24 people are confirmed dead, including seven children, and many are missing after a tornado tore through Oklahoma City, US officials say. Worst hit was Moore, south of the city, where neighbourhoods were flattened and schools destroyed by winds of up to 200mph (320km/h). About 120 people are being treated in hospitals. Earlier reports said more than 90 people had died. President Barack Obama has declared a major disaster in Oklahoma. He also ordered federal authorities to join in the search efforts … Continue reading

Plague of Locust in Egypt in 5773


Locust alert in Middle East as plague descends on Egypt and creates panic in Israel As swarms of locust devour Egyptian crops, the Middle East is bracing for the destructive bugs to migrate their way ahead of the Passover holiday. A swarm of an estimated 30million insects has been devastating crops in Egypt, fuelling apocalyptic fears because of the infestation’s proximity to the Bible story of Passover in which a swarm of locusts, the eighth of ten plagues, is imposed on Egyptians by God for enslaving and abusing ancient Hebrews. … Continue reading

Solar Flare threat in 2013


Coronal Rain: Solar Flare Rains Fire On Sun In NASA VIDEO Had enough of all the rain and snow this winter? Be thankful you don’t have to contend with fire falling from the sky. That doesn’t happen on Earth, of course, but the Sun is a different story. Just take a look at this video of so-called “coronal rain” released this week by NASA. In the video, superheated gas known as plasma swells up on the Sun’s surface, and then an explosion sends globs of the scorching matter flying out … Continue reading

Explosion in the Sun


‘Explosion in the Sun’ in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson