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Auschwitz Hitler Final Solution

When tragedy happens and innocent people die and suffer, we wonder why. If we look for ordinary answers, we cannot find them. If we look toward Hashem, we cannot understand. And yet the Torah tells us repeatedly that the cause is people not living in accordance with the principles of the Torah. When this happens, evil comes into existence. And the Torah tells us that this is the Anger and Fury of Hashem. The Zohar tells us that Anger and Fury are the klipot of Gevurah and Tiferet.

It is amazing that running down the middle of the Hitler Auschwitz table is an ELS of the words אף וחמה, Anger and Fury.

Sometimes the verses through which the ELSs run are related to the key words of the ELSs. This happens in this table. Beginning at the top of the table is the verse:

For Hashem is your God: He is the Judge of Judges, the Master of Masters, the great mighty, and awesome God who does not show favor and who does not accept a bribe.(Deuteronomy 10:17)

Why does the Torah relate that God is acting as a Judge here? The verse before provides the answer. The verse befores tells us.

You shall cut away the barrier of your heart and no longer stiffen your neck.(Deuteronomy 10:16)

On this verse Rabbi Hirsch writes:

Be no longer obstinate, submit yourselves to God; free yourself from all stubborness and self-will. Taken together: Place yourself with all your mind and will in the service of God, and do not allow yoursleves to be detracted from the service by any uncontrolled thinking or willing and by no stubbornness and self-willed obstinacy. The Pentateuch, Devarim, Vol 5, Judaica Press, Gateshead 1989, p 176.
Auschwitz Hitler
Finding by Rabbi Glazerson