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Anger And Fury

After Professor Rips, added the key word חלול, desecration, to the key words Hitler and Auschwitz and found it had an ELS in the original table, he examined the table. He found that a skip -1 ELS of the key word חלול appears right in the middle of the table, with its ל in common wth the ל of Hitler. Furthermore, it has a skip -1 extension: the word משום, meaning on account of or because of. Sharing the ש of משום is a skip -12 ELS of the word השבת , The Sabbath. Also in the table is a second occurrence of a skip -12 ELS of השבת with its ש being shared with the ש of Auschwitz.

How can this association better help us live the way the Torah teaches us to live? Perhaps we might put more effort to live the Sabbath joyously.

Auschwitz Hitler
The developed table.
Finding by Professor Rips