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Auschwitz Hitler Final Solution

Historians think that Hitler made the decision to exterminate the Jews, the Final Solution, from mid to late 1941 and that it was put into full execution by early 1942. A diary entry by Joesph Goebbels of December 12, 1941 states:

With respect to the Jewish Question, the Fuhrer has decided to make a clean sweep. He prophesied to the Jews that if they again brought about a world war, they would live to see their annihilation in it. That was not just a catch-word. The world war is here, and the annihilation of the Jews must be the necessary consequence.

The Hebrew phrase for Final Solution was searched for and no ELS of that phrase was nearby the Auschwitz Hitler table.

Late 1941 through early 1941 correspond to the years 5701 and 5702. The Auschwitz Hitler table has both these years.

Auschwitz Hitler
Finding by Rabbi Glazerson