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Why The Holocaust

Look what happens when we pose the question: Why the Holocaust? The minimal skip ELS of the phrase: "Why the Holocaust" has an extension that constitutes the answer: אמנח, faith.

How does the Holocaust strengthen faith? The Torah tells us that after the spies brought back a bad report,

The entire assembly raised up and issued its voice; the people wept that night. (Numbers 14:1)

The Talmud explains.

Rabbah said in the name of Rabbi Johanan: That night was the night of the ninth of Av. The Holy One, blessed be He, said to them: You have wept without cause, therefore, I will set this day aside for a weeping throughout the generations to come." (Soncino Talmud Ta'anith p193.)

So now when we encounter some terrible event happening to the Jewish people on the ninth of Av, we must remember this verse in Torah. And we will see that what the Torah writes is true. Having more direct evidence that the Torah is true, our faith will be strengthened.

When we explore the verses around this ELS we are astounded with what they say.

On the day that I make my account, I shall put punishment upon them for their sin. (Exodus 32:34)

On this verse Rashi explains that On the day means a day in the future. That I make my account Rashi says means when I will visit upon them their sins, then I will visit upon them a little of this sin, [the sin of the golden calf] together with the other sins. Then Rashi adds an inference: So that no punishment comes upon Israel in which there is not a little of the punishment for the sin of the Calf.

The other verses near the ELS speak of the stiffneckedness of the Israelites. Stiffnecked means stubborn. And the context here is the stubbornness of not submitting to Divine command.

Stiff-necked people are you, lest I destroy you on the way. (Exodus 33:3)
Stiff-necked people: if for one moment I were to go up among you, then I would consume you. (Exodus 33:5)
Auschwitz Hitler
Finding by Rabbi Glazerson

Why does Hashem make such special treatment for the Jews? Are the other peoples better? The Torah also gives us the answer. It is not that the other peoples are better. It is because the Jews are close to Hashem. Hashem acts to maintain this distinction.

So that we are distinct, I and your people from all other people who are on the face of the earth. (Exodus 33:16)