The Attack on Iran

The Attack on Iran in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

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5 Responses to The Attack on Iran

  1. Dear Honourable Rabbis:
    I tried to subscribe to your website but it didnt work so . please add me and let me know by e-mail at ,right away, of all and any new and current bible codes as soon as they are decoded. Please, I am very interested in the Holy Bibles CodesThank you.

    Also, can you PLEASE decode for 2013, america, also 2013 iran, also 2013 israel, so we know what is happening after 2012?

    We want to know if the world will still be here after 2012 since the 2012 comet prophecy and /” I will crumble it in my hand” leaves us with the question as to whether God mean HE will crumble the comet OR whether God will crumble our Planet Earth? It is unclear so could you please check the state of the planet earth and that 2012 comet for 2013 so maybe we can get more clarity on this matter?? PLEASE LET ME KNOW THE OUTCOMES IN 2013.
    Shalom, Elizabeth Allweiss, USA

    • shaindy says:

      Dear Elizabeth

      Blive it! but this is my fitst time ever I am emailing! no,I’m not that young, but I’m allmost sure you will aggry with me, that a person must have a good reason to do so.Elizabeth,your pure and loving inocense,! I had to reply. E lizabeth,IWill not tell you not to worry hou can I? Isnt worry so powerfull that it may fill somevtimes that he is the master,mastering our ability to think quite and peacfull y?All I can do (if you want ) is simply talk to the one who is realy in charge and ask him to put in your loving and carring hart all posible reasons, so that you will not have to worry. Shaindy.

    • Hacene says:

      بچه ها من خودم جو گیر شدم اینو همون روز که خبرمنتشر شد فرستادم:hi dear yannii’m from iran & i love you& your music so ucahms one of your iranian fans i’m so eager to know your idea about persian you have any plans to come to iran(wich is your fans’ draem in iran!)or making an album with persian music themes & instruments in future?thank youعجله کردم ها؟

  2. Please check and decode now for 2013 and email me the results. will the world still be here in 2013 or not? can you also decode for american wild horses because i have been trying to save them and bureau of land management is killing them to extinction now, in 2011,2012. please any way to save the horses?
    thanks again, Eizabeth Allweiss
    I am an adult child of a Holocaust survivor trying to save these beautiful USA wild horses and i need help from God if there is any answers for to how to help them or will they all be murdered off.??

    • Marcos says:

      Thanks Nima and Yaser for following our argorpms and your comments. Good job Yaser, I am sure you will soon catch up with the rest of the argorpms! A question for Nima, you mentioned writings on feminism in your comment. Can you please tell me why talking about gender and sexuality falls into this category? I thought Nassim in her program was talking about all people. I am trying to learn what feminism really means and why is it used so broadly. I guess from my question you can understand I have no background in human studies :) !!

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