Anat Kamm – Israeli Traitor

Anat KamAnat Kamm was born in 1987 in Jerusalem, and in her youth studied at the Hebrew University Secondary School. In her youth, she also began writing for journalism in a local newspaper called Jerusalem (which is now called Yediot Jerusalem), while she also wrote for the youth channel of the Israeli website Walla!.

In 2005, Kamm started her military service in the Israeli Defence Forces. In July 2005, she was assigned to work as a clerk in the office of the commander of the Israeli Central Command. In January 2006, she began her training at an officer’s course, but was eliminated eventually and afterwards was assigned to work as an assistant in the office of the commander of Israeli Central Command, Major General Yair Naveh.

During her military service as an assistant in the Central Command bureau Kamm secretly copied thousands of classified documents, including many confidential documents. After she finished her military service Kamm copied the documents to a CD and leaked it to the Israeli Haaretz journalist Uri Blau. On these acts Kamm was later on convicted of espionage and providing confidential information without authorization.

Anat Kamm – Israeli Traitor in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

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( HEBREW -לפני שנה -A YEAR AGO )

Anat Kam

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  1. Juca says:

    When you enter the military you lose some efordem of expression, and certainly the entry documents commit you from revealing classified information. I have, on another thread, made a legal argument that, if revealed documents point to war crimes or simply violating High Court orders, the Court could rule that irrespective of Kamm’s military oath the State can not prosecute her. If, that is, the documents do reveal such things. The IDF loses nothing if it adhears to Israeli law; if it does not, some brave to unthinking person can expose them, assuming the risk that violations are real. It is not a perfect solution, but it avoids locking in either pure military control or unlimited license to reveal material for efordem of the press. .Israel has no objective protection for efordem of the press. In the US, the Pentagon Papers case would protect Uri Blau. The Penagon Papers, leaked to the New York Times by Dainel Elsberg, dealt partly with war game simulations of the then current Vietnam War. These games, played by American military officers, lead to the victory of North Vietnam and the Vietcong. Elsberg, involved in the games, thought this conclusion should be made public; the Pentagon did not. Something to ponder. I doubt the High Court would make the same stand. There is no constitutional text, and, in any case, such a ruling would likely induce the present Knesset to legislate, nullifying the ruling. Which brings us once again to the slow motion constitutional crisis on the power of the Court, and whether constitutional law really can exist in Israel. For what it’s worth, I do not see the Declaration of Independence protecting Blau..Richard,You say you are a pragmatist but engage in slurring Reider by attacking his venue. Al Jazeera refused the former Egyptian government’s demand of silence during the demonstrations. Deal with his content and stop attack by origin. Some people do that to Jews.A pragmatist does not insite but looks for a solution.

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