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The Disengagement, הנתקות, was an action taken by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to remove all permanent Israeli presence in the Gaza Strip and from four settlements in the northern West Bank (Samaria). It was adopted by the Israeli government and enacted in August 2005. By August 15, 2005, the homes were all demolished. August 15, 2005 is the 10th of Av.

Two months before the August 15, 2005 date, there was an intense debate within Israel about whether the government would actually carry out the evacuation on the August 15th date. In the Israeli newspaper From the Four Corners Rabbi Glazerson publicly stated that the evacuation would indeed take place and offered some relevant Torah code tables.

Disengagement Newspaper Article
Newspaper article in which Rabbi Glazerson states two months before it happened that the evacuation of the land will indeed take place on the 10th of Av.

A translation of this article appears below.

The people who know the science of the codes in the Torah found this week a lot of indications to the different developments of the topic of the disengagement. Mainly, it is found in the portions of the Torah that are read in the days of the three weeks (the three weeks before 9th of Av) in which appeared the date that the government wanted to do the evacuation. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, one of the experts of the wisdom of the Torah codes, and who has authored many books on this topic, found in the portions of Mattos and Masei (Tribes and Journeys) which deal with the dividing of the land of Israel to the tribes. In that text there appears a minimal skip ELS (of the key word, in the year 5765) בתשסה. Next to it is an ELS (of the key word) the 12th of Adar, which is the date the government accepted the resolution of this evacuation. Next to it appears the ELS of the (key word) government which appears next to the key word phrase asserting: the land will be divided. And next it is an an ELS of Sharon will divide the Land. If this is not enough, there are more indications related to this difficult reality. Rabbi Glazerson found in the book of Deuteronomy, a book which according to the Vilna Gaon is related to the 6th millennium, an ELS (of the key word phrase) dividing the land in the portion of Ki Tavo, where the 98 curses appears. It is clear that Sharon himself does not rely on the dates that appear in the Torah codes. Also the word Holocaust appears in the same place.

Glazerson Divide Land
The cylinder size is 80 columns.
Finding by Rabbi Glazerson

It is interesting that in this table there are some additional ELSs of related key words. Rabbi Glazerson calls our attention to Deported Families, Government, Evacuate, Group, and an ominious War.

Glazerson Divide Land
The cylinder size is 39 columns.
Finding by Rabbi Glazerson