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The Disengagement, הנתקות, was an action taken by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to remove all permanent Israeli presence in the Gaza Strip and from four settlements in the northern West Bank (Samaria). It was adopted by the Israeli government and enacted in August 2005. By August 15, 2005, the homes were all demolished. August 15, 2005 is the 10th of Av.

This table was found by using the interactive question method of Dr. Schwartzman. The main key word was When will he evacuate the Gush. The secondary key words were the date, 10th of Av, and the person primarily responsible for the evacuation: Ariel Sharon.

The expected number of ELSs is set to 10. The resulting table is on a cylinder size of 6262 columns. The probability that a monkey text in the ELS random placement text population would have as small a table as this one is less than 1/10,000.
Finding by Rabbi Glazerson