The Evil forces in Gaza

The Evil forces in Gaza in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

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One Response to The Evil forces in Gaza

  1. Rechelle says:

    THIS thread after 2000 odd comtenms is essentially worthless. It’s been largely a waste of everyone’s time because it mostly deals with the surface appearance of the Gaza mass murder; and despite all the justifications that’s what it has been!Apologists for the Zionist aggressors have convinced nobody that this is not criminal conduct. There is no doubt that Obama will block the identification of any criminal conduct preventing the laying of the appropriate charges. Meanwhile the bulk of the African American community just like the rest of the international community is not buying this blatant form of racism and nor do the Zionists and their apologists like Obama imagine that they would. They don’t care anymore than Nixon cared.We ought not be disconnecting the latest crimes of the Zionist mainstream leadership (And not just the crazier Zealots in the settler movement) from the war launched in 1967, because it is that failed war, effectively financed all along by what is now the world’s largest debtor the USA, that is the problem. This is the war that both alternate Israeli governments are now moving towards ending in defeat.This phase is launched for purely internal reasons. It is violence to show the Israeli voting public that the current government is as tough as they can be in any ‘reasonable way’ and that Netanyahu brings nothing more to the table. This violence shows everybody in Israel that matters, the swinging voters etc., that the limits have been absolutely reached; any more and the leaders will undoubtedly end their days in international jails for war crimes. The envelope is being pushed as it is.Let’s try to make this thread useful, and something to build unity around rather than shake our heads at the pointless comfort posting, and dishonest ‘debate’, that supporters of Zionism engage in, and that the pseudo-left are eternally trapped within when it comes to Middle East issues. Let’s dig deeper than the surface outrages and justifications.Zionists are occupying Palestinian territory after a criminal war launched to acquire new territory in 1967. The criminal aggression is the war for Greater Israel. It has failed and must be ended in defeat. The right to resist is as fundamental a right as any recognisably left politics ever held to be a human right. The wisdom of the methods of resisting and the options available are legitimate areas of debate, but the reason that we are still seeing the Zionist leaders of Israel sending in scared young soldiers to kill Palestinians has nothing to do with defending plucky little Israel from minor attacks, wise or unwise, terrorist or not.The reason they are attacking the Palestinians is not the same as it used to be when they were serious about trying to acquire new borders. Now they are trying to end a war and are distracting people by shouting about Iran and Hamas etc..

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