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World War I

The following in an excerpt published in the Daily Mirror August 4, 1914.

Great Britain is in a state of war with Germany. It was officially stated at the Foreign Office last night that Great Britain declared war against Germany at 7pm. The British Ambassador in Berlin has been handed his passport.

War was Germany's reply to our request that she should respect the neutrality of Belgium, whose territories we were bound in honour and by treaty obligations to maintain inviolate.

A communication from Sir Edward Grey of the British Foreign Office to the German Ambassador on August 4, 1914.

Your Excellency,

The result of the communication made at Berlin having been that His Majesty's Ambassador has had to ask for his passports, I have the honour to inform your Excellency that in accordance with the terms of the notification made to the German Government to-day His Majesty's Government consider that a state of war exists between the two countries as from to-day at 11 o'clock P.M.

I have the honour to enclose passports for your Excellency, your Excellency's family and staff.

August 4, 1914 corresponds to the 12th of Av. Remarkably, an ELS for this date occurs in the table.

World War I
The expected number of ELSs is set to 40. The resulting table is on a cylinder size of 2839 columns. The probability that a monkey text in the ELS random placement text population would have as small a table as this one is 1.5/10,000.
Finding by Rabbi Glazerson and Professor Haralick