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Twin Towers

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, Islamic extremist Alqaeda, committed a barbaric act. Its agents hijacked four planes. Here we tell about two of the hijacked planes. At 8:46 AM EST the hijacked American Airlines plane, Flight 77, carrying 92 people from Boston to Los Angeles, was flown into the north tower of the Twin Towers. At 9:02 AM EST the hijacked United Airlines plane, Flight 175, carrying 65 people from Boston to Los Angeles, was flown into the South Tower. The jet tanks of both planes were full and the crash into the Twin Towers caused an enormous explosion and fireball. The fire was so hot that it weakened the building's steel beams By 10:29AM, both towers had collapsed, killing all those in the planes plus thousands of people in the towers.

Twin Towers Photo by
Anne Baffel
Twin Towers Photo by
Sara Schwittek
Twin Towers Photo by
Steve McMillan
Twin Towers After Collapse: Unknown

Twin Towers Anger
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