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The Swastika

Nuremberg Rally 1937 Nuremberg Rally Formation

Hitler's public ceremonies were in fact dramatic group rituals which unified and amplified group consciousness, making the group consciousness have much greater power than the simple sum of the objective minds in the group. That power then becomes turned on the group attendees themselves making them submissive to the thought forms projected by Hitler as he spoke. The swastika flag was a magical symbol whose form and color helped synchronize this power producing an hypnotic effect on the crowds. Read what Francis King writes in his book, Satan and the Swastika,

Hitler's public appearances, particularly those associated with the Nazi Party's Nuremburg rallies, were excellent examples of this sort of magical ceremony. The fanfares, military marches, and Wagnerian music, all emphasised the idea of German military glory. The mass swastika banners in black, white and red, filled the consciousness of the participants in the rally with national socialist ideology. The ballet-like precision of the movement of the uniformed party members, all acting in unison, evoked from the unconscious, the principles of war and violence which the ancients symbolised as Mars. And the prime ritual of the rallies - Hitler clasping to other banners, the 'blood banner' carried in the Munich Putsch of 1923 - was a quasi-magical ceremony designed to link up with minds of living Nazis with the archetypal images symbolised by the dead national socialist heroes of the past. The religio-magical aspects of the rallies were emphasised by the fact that their high points were reached after dusk and took place in a 'Cathedral of Light' - an open space surrounded by pillars of light coming from electric searchlights pointed upwards to the sky. If a modern ritual magician of the utmost expertise had designed a ritual intended to 'invoke Mars' he could not have come up with anything more effective than the ceremonies used at Nuremberg.

Cathedral of Light
The Cathedral of Light at a Nuremberg Rally

Let us try to visualize the Nuremberg rally just moments before Hitler arrives. First there is announcement of the Fuehrer's arrival. There are shouts of joy. Then 150 blue spotlights surge upward hundreds of meters, forming overhead the most powerful cathedral that mortals have ever seen. 180,000 people look to the heavens. At the entrance, we see the Fuehrer. He too stands for several moments looking upward, then turns and walks, followed by his aides, past the long, long columns, 20 deep, of the fighters for his idea. Jubilation and an ocean of Heil-shouts surround him.

Read what American journalist William Shirer wrote in his diary after attending the 1934 Nuremberg Rally.

I was a little shocked at the faces, when Hitler finally appeared on the balcony for a moment. They reminded me of the crazed expressions I once saw in the back country of Louisiana on the faces of some Holy Rollers...they looked up at him as if he were a Messiah, their faces transformed into something positively inhuman."

The next morning, Shirer was among the attendees at the Rally's opening ceremony, held inside a large hall on the outskirts of Nuremberg. This is what he writes in his diary.

I am beginning to comprehend some of the reasons for Hitler's astounding success. Borrowing a chapter from the Roman [Catholic] church, he is restoring pageantry and color and mysticism to the drab lives of 20th Century Germans. This morning's opening meeting...was more than a gorgeous show, it also had something of the mysticism and religious fervor of an Easter or Christmas Mass in a great Gothic cathedral. The hall was a sea of brightly colored flags. Even Hitler's arrival was made dramatic. The band stopped playing. There was a hush over the thirty thousand people packed in the hall. Then the band struck up the Badenweiler March...Hitler appeared in the back of the auditorium and followed by his aides, Goering, Goebbels, Hess, Himmler and the others, he slowly strode down the long center aisle while thirty thousand hands were raised in salute.

We explored pairing the key word Swastika with the key word Magic. None of the resulting tables were highly statistically significant by themselves. But one of the tables had ELSs for each of the key words with skip 5 aligned in a column. Upon examining some of the other ELSs in the column, we found key words that were logically associated. The ELSs form the phrase: swastika magic, an Aryan sign for death, for extermination.

Nazi Swastika
The cylinder size is 5 columns.
Finding by Professor Haralick