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Michael Drosnin

Michael Drosnin's books are well written and entertaining. Each has many interesting and technically strong tables. Some of the tables even deserve further study for their structure. Indeed, we are seeking copyright permission from Drosnin to show those tables on this website as part of a systematically and technically oriented discussion on the statistics of tables and their internal structure.

However, it is easy to discredit his interpretations and/or theories about the meaning of the tables he shows as well as criticize his lack of scientific method. But knocking down Drosnin's books is not a proper logical argument against serious Torah code research.

A number of people have made statements regarding The Bible code book. Here are some.

Professor Eliyahu Rips
Mr. Harold Gans
Mr. Doron Witztum

On speaking of the difference between the scientific work on Torah codes and Drosnin's work, Dr. Ingermanson says:

"Drosnin seems unable to grasp the difference between their serious scientific work and his own crossword puzzle-like tableaux, bubbling and fizzing with creative mistranslations. None of his mentors believe that the Bible code can be used to predict the future, yet much of Drosnin's book is devoted to just such fortune-telling. That, in fact, seems to be the main point of Drosnin's book. Earthquake, fire, famine, and nuclear war are headed our way. Then again, maybe not. Drosnin is unsure whether the Bible code predicts things that must happen or things that might happen. Perhaps the code was given to warn us? he conjectures. He's not sure."

Professor McKay writes:

"The book The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin has been the most successful mass-market book about the Torah Codes. Alas, all semblence of scientific method is missing."

See here for a review of The Bible Code that appeared in the American Math Society Notices in September 1997.

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