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New Orleans: Katrina

Then Professor Haralick tried adding the key word Katrina with the spelling קתרנא. The results were more significant. Later Rabbi Glazerson related that the spelling of Katrina with a ק instead of a כ is the way the Israeli newspapers spelled it. But they use a ה rather than an א for the last letter. He said that there is a precedent for using the א as the last letter since Germany is spelled both with an א and with a ה as the last letter, although with the ה is the common spelling. Professor Haralick made a note to try the alternate spellings after he finished his experiments.

New Orleans Katrina
The expected number of ELSs is set to 40. The resulting table is on a cylinder size of 1259 columns. The probability that a monkey text in the ELS random placement text population would have as small a table as this one is 11.5/10,000.
Finding by Professor Haralick