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The Mideast Crisis: End of Days

God afflicts Israel to help guide Israel to return to God. When all of Israel returns to God, the lion, which is Israel, will raise itself up over its enemies and God will help defeat all the enemies of Israel in a total war on Gog and Magog. This will happen in a time called the end of days. Essentially, this means that when all of Israel returns to God, the messiah would appear and the final Redemption would be ushered in immediately. Either Israel will return to God without much guidance and prompting from God, in which case the final Redemption will come early. Otherwise, the Redemption will not occur until the final time decreed by God. This final time comes about when Israel loses hope in its own powers to deal with its enemies and as a last recourse returns to God. This is the true meaning of the verse,

I, G-d, will accelerate it in its due time.(Isaiah 60:22)

The Mideast Crisis is related to what scripture calls end of days. In the end of days, God will bring about redemption in His own time. the children of Israel will return to God. When that happens, God will return all the children of Israel, who are dispersed throughout the world, back to Israel. About the end of days, we read in the Torah,

It will be that when all these things come upon you -- the blessing and the curse that I have presented before you -- then you will take it to your heart among all the nations where Hashem, your God, has dispersed you; and you will return unto Hashem, your God, and listen to His voice, according to everything that I command you today, you and your children, with all your heart and all your soul. Then Hashem, your God will bring back your captivity and have compassion upon you, and He will return and gather you in from all the peoples to which Hashem, your God, has scattered you. (Deuteronomy 30:1-4)

End of Days Israel Returns
The cylinder size if 37543. With expected number of ELSs set to 30, the probability that a text from the ELS random placement text population would have as small an area table as this one is 24/1000.
Finding by Professor Robert Haralick

It is noteworthy that this table has a relevant development as shown below. It has the year (5)728 which corresponds to 1968, which is the year the return (Tshuvah) movement started in Israel. The first full year of Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem was also 5728. The year 5768 has been allluded to in various sources as an especially significant time in the Geulah process. (Chida, Nachal Kedumim ,Bereishit). It is interesting that word מרחפת, was hovering, (Genesis 1:2) has gematria 728.

The spirit of God was hovering over the water. (Genesis 1:2)

Midrash Rabbah tells us that this verse alludes to the spirit of Messiah.

The developed table also has the term Philistines, which is the term we use in Torah codes for Palestinians.

End of Days Israel Returns
The cylinder size is 37543.
Finding by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson

There are other times that a phrase with the key words returning to Hashem appears in the Bible. We read in Malachi,

Return to Me and I will return to you.(Malachi 3:7)

And in Hosea,

Return O Israel unto Hashem your God, for you have stumbled in your iniquity. (Hosea, 14:2.)

And again in Jeremiah,

Return, O wayward children (Jeremiah 3:14 and Jeremiah 3:22)

Who are the children referred to? The Torah calls the children of Israel God's firstborn and God's children.

So said Hashem, My firstborn son is Israel. (Exodus 4:22)

You are children to Hashem, your God. (Deuteronomy 14:1)

In the next pages, we will more fully explore the meaning of these verses. Here we note that within these verses quoted above, in Deuteronomy 30:1-4, is a table based around the key words Return my children; and the Return or Repentance.

Finding by Dr. Leib Schwartzman