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Kabbalat Torah, Accepting Torah

On Mount Sinai, on the sixth of Sivan, in the year 2448, on the third day of the week, on that day, Hashem spoke to Moses.

As is written in the Torah,

"Go unto the people and sanctify them today and tomorrow and let them wash their garments and be ready against the third day, for on the third day, the Lord will come down before the eyes of all the people upon mount Sinai."
(Exodus 12:11)

The next table, positioned just to the right of the previous table, takes from the text the phrase On the third day and On that day Hashem spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai and pairs it with the a priori phrase Accepting Torah. A table as area compact as the one found in the Torah happens in the Random ELS placement population only 6.5 times out of 100,000.

Kabbalat Torah 2
The Cylinder size is 1520. The expected Number of ELSs is set to 10. The probability that a text from the ELS random placement text population would produce as compact a table as the one produced by the Torah text is 6.5/100,000.
Finding by Rabbi Glazerson