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Zohar, Kabbalah, Isaac Luria

The Kabbalah, Zohar, Isaac Luria table has a development found by Professor Rips. To understand the significance of the development one must understand the four different Miluim of the tetragrammaton Divine name.

One way of making the filling of the Divine name has a gematria of 72 and this is the Divine name as manifested in the World of Emanation, whose dominant sefirah is Chochmah. Another way of making the filling of the Divine name has a gematria of 45. This is the Divine name as manifested in the World of Formation, whose dominant sefirah is Tiferet.

Starting from 45 and going to 72 corresponds to starting from the Tiferet, the central sefirah of emotion, and going to the Chochma, the sefirah of wisdom. This is the path of the returning light. According to the Kabbalah teaching, one of our jobs in the world is to clarify it. Clarifying it means transforming the evil we encounter to good. Evil here means a perceived lack of Divine presence. When we are in a situation (which the technical language of the Kabbalah calls a vessel) and think that the Divine is not present, then we need clarification. We accomplish the clarification by thinking, speaking, and doing, in a Torah correct way by which the lack or deficiency that we initially perceived changes to a fullness and completeness. By our virtuous thoughts, speech, and action, the physical world is changed and our consciousness of it is changed. Thus, we have clarified a situation was that "muddy", not clear.

The development found by Professor Rips is the ELS phrase: 45 (the Divine name of gematria 45 in the world of formation) will clarify in the vessel 72, (the Divine name of gematria 72 in the world of emanation). This is kabbalistic technical language saying that the vessel in which we found ourselves did not have the flow of Shefa, the divine light, and we acted in such a way that the received Divine light was made to flow from lower to higher to illuminate the vessel. The illuminated vessel is associated with the Chochmah, wisdom. The phrase will clarify in the vessel is the precise phrase that is used in the Kabbalah teachings.

Zohar Kabbalah Luria 1
The development of the Zohar, Kabbalah, Isaac Luria table. The cylinder has 16 columns.
Finding by Professor Rips