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Shimon Ben Yochai

Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai was a disciple of Rabbi Akiva. He is known also as Rashbi from the first letters of his formal name. After Rabbi Akiva was put to death by the Romans for studying Torah, Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai attacked the Romans for their cruelty and was himself condemned to death. Together with his son Rabbi Elazar, he went into hiding in a cave in the mountains near Peki'in in the Galilee, where they stayed for 13 years.

During their 13 years in seclusion, Shimon Bar Yochai wrote the Zohar.

The table shown below was found by Professor Rips. We show it because of its interest and development. The table by itself is not statistically significant.

Shimon Ben Yochai, Kabbalah, Zohar
Shimon Ben Yochai
Finding by Professor Rips