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Moshe Cordovero

To the anchor, Rabbi Moshe Cordovero we tried various other key words. One key word came out with a cylinder size of 549. The others came out on a cylinder size near 1096. We now put all the key words together and find the p-level for the smallest area table in the Torah text that has one ELS for each of the key words. The resulting table has p-level = 1569/10,000, making it not very interesting. If we leave out the key word associated with cylinder size of 549, the p-level is 405/10,000, better but also not very interesting for six key words. If we leave out the book title key word Precious Light, the p-level is 37.5/10,000. All this is telling us that the structure of this encoding is not on one cylinder and cannot be taken all together. If on each of 100,000 trials, we combine in accordance with one of our standard protocols, the results from five tables, each having one of the additional key words plus Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, the p-level is 23.5/100,000. This suggests that the structure of the encoding is by combining an anchor with an associated key word.

The table below has all the key words but the key word for the book title Precious Light.

Moshe Cordovero
The expected number of ELSs was set to 100. The cylinder size is 549. The probability that a text from the ELS random placement text population would have as small an area table as this one is 37.5/10,000.
Finding by Rabbi Glazerson