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In 1997, Nachum Bombach designed an experiment involving the Amoraim from Yeshiva Pumbedita. The Encyclopedia Hebraica, volume 27, page 458 provides a list of the names of the Amoraim. The experiment tests the Null hypothesis of no Torah code effect against the Alternative hypothesis that the names of these Amoraim have one or more of their ELSs in a closer meeting to the ELSs of Pumbedita than expected by chance. The names of the Amoraim and Pumbedita with their spellings can be found here.

The experiment was conducted in accordance with one of our standard experimental protocols.

Experimental Protocol

Text The Five Books of Moses; the Chumash
Skip Specification Expected Number of ELS = 10
Resonance Specification Maximum ELS row skip on a cylinder = 10
Maximum ELS column skip on a cylinder = 10
Monkey Text Control Population ELS random placement
Compactness Measure Maximum distance between the letters of an ELS pair
Number of Trials 1000
Significance Level of test 1%

The experiment failed to produce any statistically significant results. We conclude that there is no encoding of the names of the Amoraim from Yeshiva Pumbedita with Pumbedita.