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Simple Torah Code

A simple ELS Torah code consists of words that are conceptually related to each other, such as key words of an historical event, where the best meetings of their equidistant letter sequences in the Torah text are relatively compact.

Given an experimental protocol consisting of an a priori set of key words, an ELS skip specification, a resonance specification, a monkey text control population, and a compactness measure, a simple ELS Torah code is a relatively compact ELS grouping on a cylinder, where the grouping consists of at least one ELS for each of the key words and one of the ELSs is a primary ELS.

Relatively compact means that the probability of there occurring as good or better ELS grouping in some text of the monkey text population is less than a specified significance level, typically taken to be less than 1/100 or smaller for a single isolated table. However, if the table is part of a group of related tables, then the signficance level can be taken to be 1/25 or smaller.