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Monkey Text

A monkey text is a text known not to have the hypothesized Torah code effect. Hence a monkey text is one authored by humans or generated by taking a natural language text and randomizing it in some way such as by randomly permuting letters, words, or verses.

In order to determine the probability that a Torah code table would happen by chance, a constructive meaning to probability must be defined. This is done by defining a control population of monkey texts. There are a variety of ways of defining such a monkey text population.

Each different definition for constructing a population of monkey texts will result in a different probability that a table of given compactness or better would occur by chance. The meaning of the probability with respect to a monkey text population is simply the fraction of the texts of the monkey text population whose best table having one ELS of each of the given key words is as good as or better compactness than the compactness value resulting from the Torah text.