The Terror Attack in Boston

Marathon slaughter

- Boston Marathon ‘attacked by terrorists’
- At least 3 dead and over 150 injured by twin bombs
- Boy, 8, among the confirmed dead
- ‘Dozens’ have legs and ankles missing
- Ball bearings and shrapnel removed from victims
- Boston cops: ‘No suspect in custody yet’

AN eight-year-old boy waiting at the finish line was among three people killed and more than 150 injured when two explosions rocked the Boston Marathon.

Tragic Martin Richard was standing with his mother and six-year-old sister, who both suffered horrific injuries, when bombs hidden in rubbish bins exploded within seconds of each other.

It was revealed the killer devices were made made of pressure cookers packed with metal and ball bearings, officials said.

Little Martin may very nearly have cheated death after he walked away from the finishing line, according to local reports.

But Martin, from Boston’s Dorchester suburb, then returned to his mum – at which point the first bomb went off.

His mother is in hospital after undergoing brain surgery and his sister had a leg blown off. His older brother is said to be uninjured.

Friends held a vigil last night at local Tavolo Restaurant for Martin and his mother and sister, who suffered “grievous” injuries.

America is today on terror alert after the twin bombing attack.

Boston police closed off the city as a “danger zone” as witnesses described the “unspeakable horror” of body parts flying through the air and shoes that “still had flesh in them”.

The blasts at 2.50pm local time — flashes of burning orange followed by acrid smoke that billowed for 50ft — were captured in TV footage that chilled America. Two more devices were discovered and made safe by police experts.

Ambulances and fire engines swarmed into Boston’s Copley Square along with armed cops to find the pavements drenched with blood and people lying in agony.

Some victims needed to have limbs amputated following the atrocity — six days before the London Marathon.

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‘The Terror Attack in Boston’ in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

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