Obama blames Israel

US Official: President Obama ‘Blames’ Israel’s ‘Stubbornness’ For Kerry’s Peace Process Failure

For the first time since the talks halted, U.S. President Barack Obama has directly blamed Israel for the failure of negotiations, the NY Times reported Friday. According to a White House official, “Each time we arrived at a crossroads, another new settlement construction announcement was made. It was like putting a stick on the wheels.”

The official also said Obama still believes that another round of talks is possible during his term, but that for the time being the president prefers to sit back and let the sides ask themselves for an American mediation.

The NY Times writes that non-other than President Obama may be the unnamed source quoted in a lengthy interview to Yediot Ahronot’s Nahum Barnea on May 2nd, a week after peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians fell apart, in which Israel was blamed for building in settlements.

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‘Obama blames Israel’ in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

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