Doron Witztum

Doron WitztumDoron Witztum was a post-graduate physics student before Torah codes captured his attention in the mid-1980s when he became friends with Professor Rips.

He and Professor Rips worked together systematizing a way of examining the Torah code phenomenon to formally test the hypothesis of whether or not they occur by chance.

The result of their joint work was eventually published in Statistical Science in 1994. Since then Doron has dedicated his professional efforts to the development of advanced techniques for detecting and testing the Torah code hypothesis.

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2 Responses to Doron Witztum

  1. John Watts says:

    My friends, the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, written in the original Greek, is filled with prophecy of end time events that will be Earth shattering and tragically life altering with one quarter of all people on Earth killed due to judgements by G-d in the form of various plagues, world war, famine, no rain for 1,203 days and a rebellion led by Satan and his demon army against the people of Earth.

    Somewhere in the middle of all this carnage will be a six month period of time in which people will not be able to die, no matter how badly they are injured and hurting, death will flee from them. No one will die at all in the world for six months, something which has never before happened, so it has to be supernatural.

    This is the crux of the Book of Revelation because everything that takes place which is written of in Revelation seems to have supernatural origins. It reads like a nightmare, like the most imaginable science fiction ever written. H.G. Wells himself could not have written such a frightening scenario.

    Would it not behoove you, my friends, to explore the possibility of the existence of many Bible codes encrypted within Revelation’s passages since it is the one book of the Bible that is wholly devoted to a connected series of worldwide calamities on a scale never before imagined?

    You may well find the names of Obama and Bibi and Putin encoded within an array of code clusters dealing with atomic war and biological and chemical weapons. When I read the Book of Revelation, the accounts of G-d’s judgements against a wayward world result in only what can be best described as nuclear, bio and chemical weapon warfare around the globe with resulting pole shifts, tsnamis, earthquakes, floods, fires, tornados, famine, drought, severe and abrupt weather changes, comets and metorites hitting Earth, panic and viral epidemics and countless humans who shall become possessed by invisible demons who will drive many insane from fear, hatred, anger and a longing to hate G-d.

    We are at the edge of destiny but Revelation proclaims that from each of the 12 tribes of Israel, 12,000 Jews shall be sealed in their foreheads with the seal of Almighty G-d, while the rest die in their sins. As far as non Jews are concerned, I am not sure how many may be saved by their conversion to worshipping the Lord with repentence and remission of sins.

    But Revelation teaches us salvation is possible only if we turn to the G-d of Abraham, Issac and Moses and the Christ, the Lamb of God who died on the cross of Pontius Pilate but was resurrected three days later and ascended to Heaven shortly thereafter to sit on His throne. Surely, if we can believe in all the Torah codes you good men of G-d have discovered since the 1980′s, then surely we can believe that the horrific end of days prophecies in Revelation will unfold just as G-d has ordained since it is His Will.

    Daniel chapter 12 tells us when G-d commanded Danile to seal the book until the time of the end, that the day will come in the future when the book shall be unsealed, when knowledge is increased (the Internet?) and people shall run to and fro, (cars, jets, trains, subways, buses) and Revelation chapter 5 tells of a generation in the distant future who will live to see the day when that same book is supernaturally unsealed through the power of G-d and the Lamb of G-d.

    It is apparent, the Lamb of God, the Christ, inspired Professor Rips, Rosenberg and Dorum Witztum to go searching for hidden codes in the Torah and to develop computer software to greatly assist them in that effort.

    You good men of G-d did not do this on your own. You were led by G-d to find the key to unlock the mystery of the secret codes in the book and that the book we all know by now is the Torah and the Bible. Why would G-d stop there, in the Torah and not plant codes in the rest of the Bible and New Testament?

    He could have just as easily put codes in Revelation and in other books of the New Testament if He wanted to and I believe He wanted to and I believe He would like you good men, His servants, to begin searching for codes in the New Testament, especially Revelation because we are so very close to the last few years of time before the world ends and is replaced by a new Earth G-d has created for us to live in, a sinless world where no evil shall dwell. It’s where we should be, is it not, my friends?

  2. syagur says:

    Dear John,

    Interesting point of view, altough I am not such an expert on such issue,will try to share with you and other with my point of view and my subjective way of understanding that issue,
    Hebrew is the only language that has been given and crated by G-D,the other languages are created by social agreements as part of the evolution of languages,geographical location etc. Hebrew also as no other language,have very fundamental corolation to each description,and as such sometimes can be used in many contexes in a different way, once you are willing to realy understand the Holy Bible with all the depth and meaning. The New Testament has been written and re-written many times until its has been canonized and sealed circa A .D. 300 ,some attempts of translating the Torha to Greek and other languages have produced the Epseuaginta which has been translated by 70 Jewish scolar and presented as Original translation,but later came King James and others and translate the Holy Bible to a much more “understandable” language that simple people in the Middle Ages and Dark ages could understand,and by thus lost and mistranslated many meanings that has been somehow preserved from the translation of the Original Holy Bible,therefore when I read the New Testament and the Old Testament in Hebrew and in other languages (Russian,German,Danish,) I couldn’t even understand the original translation……Again because by translating you loosing a lot of the original idear of G-D. So I doubt the possibility even remote to find something similare in New Testament as the Bible Code.Lost in Translation will be the best description to that cause,in order to understand the Bible Codes you must read it and understand Hebrew because that G-D language have fundamental corolation to the very building blocks of all universe and everything in it.But again this is my subjective point of view on that matter.

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