The Rockets on the South of Israel

The Rockets on the South of Israel in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

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  1. Smile says:

    I didn’t miss what you were saying. I just put a pivtoise spin on it which is more in line with my experiences. You seem to give the impression that you’ve been reading some Christian interpretation that divides the Torah into stories and laws . The stories are great for the kids’ Sunday school classes until they graduate to reading Paul all the time, and the laws are dead in Christ and not worth the time. I’m sure that there may be some places that think along those lines, but I’ve never been exposed to them, and I’ve gone to a number of different denominations before settling on MJ.I’d like to articulate my responses to the quotes above a bit more. I didn’t make any distinction between one part or the other of the Torah. Christ didn’t just fill up the stories , or priestly system, he filled up the entire Torah. It all foreshadows Messiah, while having a factual identity all its’ own. The entirety of the Torah is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness. I’ve never heard any differently from an actual Christian pastor (discounting internet people ). God didn’t make any asinine laws; the heart of the master can be found searching any of them.If Gentiles aren’t required to keep the Torah, and aren’t required to religiously or ethnically convert to Judaism. Isn’t that what they should be getting out of Torah? The Community Covenant model you pose seems to focus on the necessity of community in keeping Torah. What sort of reading should be adopted by those who don’t?How about the above question; Should Jewish and Gentile believers have a different way of reading the Torah since they have a different relationship to it?

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