The Iron Dome in the South Of Israel

The Iron Dome in the South Of Israel in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

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  1. Sniffing says:

    Ovadia:I do not think the ultra-Orthodox represent a rtreun to Torah. In fact, I am appalled by some aspects of their belief and practice. The ongoing battle about desegregation of schools (Haredi families don’t want their kids in school with Sephardim and Mizrachim) is indicative of a lack of love of neighbor (the best read I’ve seen is that Haredi families have a sort of nobility system based on the family pedigree and disdain lesser Jews). I am also incensed by ultra-Orthodox views of non-Jews (animal-like souls) and their hardline approach to spreading Torah (keep it according to our opinion or we will throw rocks and even feces at you).A rtreun to Torah would come from more moderate elements, in my opinion, and would look more welcoming and humble. It would break down barriers instead of setting them up.I’m told that there are some signs of movement of Israelis toward Torah. I hope it will continue. The Haredi have all but ruined their chance to participate.Derek

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