The Purim Kabbalah Code

Want to see the connection between the Nazis that were hung in 1946 and Purim?

This quick 4 minute video will show you the unbelievable connection between an event that took place 20 centuries ago and Nuremberg.

The Purim Kabbalah Code in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

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3 Responses to The Purim Kabbalah Code

  1. R'bibo Marc Daniel Mordekhai says:

    Dear Rabbi ……..This is an amazing work of yours !Question is what if nothing happens and there are no signs of Massiah for a while or even a good while !!!Doesn’it put the whole Torah in Question with all the concequences that it
    could generates!?
    Of course i join you in your prieres that Massiah arrives as predicted and with an immense pride I wiil be
    Best regards
    Mordekhai from Montreal

  2. Brenda says:

    There is no way to get Rav Aryeh Kaplan books in Israel, so I had to ask to bring them to me from USA, it was worth asking and hlighy recomended to read his works, they are very detailed on all the levels of PaRDeS, and a lot of new methods of understanding Torah are presented, I personaly liked very much his detailed explanation of the correlation of the written and oral Torahs, chapter What is Mikvah . One thing that I am not sure that is right to say is When a metal utensil is used for eating, this therefore represents man’s highest mental faculties being employed to serve his animal nature. What Torah teaches us is the way of changing the animal nature into a human one and our highest mental faculties are used to make eating, sex, dressing, housing and relationship between the people to be elevated on the spiritual level and being employed to serve the spiritual needs. I was brought an essay called Kabbalah and the age of the Universe and I would say it is an intresting math explanation of 6000 years being able to mean 15 billion years. I was also brought a book To heal a fractured world by rabbi Jonathan Sacks and I think it is hlighy recomented to read to each of us for the deeper understanding of several Kabbalah concepts, as well as for understanding our responsibilities for each our action done in this world.

  3. Renata says:

    Though we speak about Ore and Kli, we have to keep in mind that all our work is aroud Kavvanah, and from this perspective we ulsohd understand the activity of Babylonian Tower Builders-their Kavvanah was to get spiritual worlds Tokh HaDaat, and they all were Amm Yehad veSaffah Yehad LeKullam -One community with one language.It means that there was nobody to tell them that the ONLY way to reach spirituality was Emmunah Mial HaDaat. They couldn’t make any damige in spiritual because it is impossable to do,what they could do was the damige to they spiritual development because their wish to get spiritual BeTokh HaDaat was so strong that But for the Rakhmannut(feeling pity for them) of HaShem they would have gone astray.So he mixed they languages and sent them apart,and it gave the possibility for pluaralism and the place for both ways: Tokh HaDaat and Mial HaDaat-How do we know it? -becuase right after the passege about Babilon, Torah speaks of Shem denasty till we get the birth of Avraam( the birth of Emmuna mial HaDaat). And How do we know that if Hashem hadn’t come down to see their activity and hadn’t mixed their languages they would have come to a very tragical end?- because before the passage about Babbilon we have among the rest the mentioning of Seddom and Ammorra-and we know how they ended.So here we can mention the explanaition of Rabbash given in article 23 volume 2-why HaShem made that the creation would fear Him-not because that He needs our fear our which is even worth that He is afraid that we can in any way damige the spiritual worlds, but because it is for our own good to understand that there is the plan of the development of the creation to bestow it with all possible good and nothing and nobody can stand in its way or damige anything in this plan.What we, as a creation, can damige is the possibility to cooperate with it and instead of coming to the purpose of Creation theAkhisheinna way to get there Beittah.

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