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Bible Codes and Kabbalah -
The Secret of Creation


Torah codes have an outer layer and inner layer. The inner layer consists of the statistically unusual compact arrangements (tables) of historically and logically related key words. These words are found at significant equidistant letter sequences (ELSs) and appear in relevant portions of the text. The deeper inner layer consists of the Torah interpretations and teachings related to these tables.

These torah teachings are derived from the meaning of the Torah verses contained in the tables and the relationship between those relevant key words found in the tables.

The commentary is based on the written and oral traditions given simultaneously at the revelation on Mount Sinai.

In this book we will demonstrate the standards for the Torah code tables. We will explain the protocols and statistics governing the kind of tables that constitutes Torah codes and of those who do not.

The reader will view a remarkable set of tables and explore the significance of the codes according to either the interpretations of the Torah verses that make uo the table or by the oral tradition that teaches the wisdom of the relationship of the key words to the pertinent sections of text and to one another.

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‘Kaballah & Science’ in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

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