Coming of Mashiach and Eliyahu in 5773

Coming of Mashiach and Eliyahu in 5773 in Bible Codes by Rabbi Glazerson

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One Response to Coming of Mashiach and Eliyahu in 5773

  1. Mencho says:

    There is a great Sgulla connected with Mikvve- if you feel that you are boelkcd, or something goes wrong, or you need a break through, it is important to go to Mikvve, and to get in, then you talk to the Creator, you explain to him your problems, you ask Him for what you need and you immerse in to Mikvve 3 or7 or 10 or 18 or 26 or 40 times depends on time availeble.We don’t exactly know how it works , but some ideas are, that the water of Mikve has a spiritual purufing effect on the spiritual body. We know that water contains information, and this information can be persived( there was a special technic in antient times for fortuentelling, japaness sienticts made a strong reseach on the topic of the water being able to hold information). So by praying and saying what you want and what bothers you and what you ask the Creator to correct in you or for you, you actually put information into the water. Now our body and brain actually mainly consist of liqueds so by immersing into informed water (you have to use force for the immersing completely) the informed water puts a pressure on your body on each cell( that is why it is important not to have any rings, or any other Mekhitzot on the body, and immerse completly with all the parts of the body including the hair at one time) and so push out the boelkcd places( negative energy, information), and as the freed place may not stay empty, the water inserts, through all the immersed cells of the body, the information which you have resently put in to the water, and this new information begins to play main role in your motivation. But remember that you should be very careful of what you ask, first think, then ask, then immerse. for the house, because we can’t immerse it into the water, another way of substituting information is used- burning candles, if you feel that things are quete difficult or nervous in the surrounding just light a candle or more and ask the Creator to burn away all the negative energy from the house. jewish wemen lighten the candels on Shabboth, and it is so important, that even if a woman isn’t at home,her husband should do it. One of the greatest protections from the negativity for each person, for the Israeli people and all the Creation, which as being Human we produce by lashon haRah and anger and so on, we had in the form of Mennora which shined in our Temple, and stood before the Koddesh Koddashim thus protecting our sins coming to the eyes and ears of the Creator, by burning them before they were exposed before the G-d by our friend that looks for fauls with the people. Another way of clearing our souls is through hearing Shoffar, its sounds pushes out all the negativity I have and when the Satan brings my file to the Judge and open it, there is nearly and nothing against me in that file, because by observing the mitzva of listenning to Shoffar all the negativity was cleaned. But the difference between water-Mikve, and fire-candle, and sound- Shoffar is that you may not try to clean yourself by fire, Shoffar isn’t available all the year, But Mikve we may use as often as we only can manage. So as we see no mitzva is given to us for the intrest of the Creator, all the mitzvot are given to us for our own good, the fact that we don’t know how it all excatly works, shouldn’t stop us by observing them, if we want to be a positive part of the Creation and to be listed in the Book of Life. Kttiva veHattima Tova leKullam.

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